I feel bad I fell off my schedule of updating, photographing and blogging like I was, but I haven’t been able to photograph because I kind of fell into some illustrating jobs and while that ball has been rolling I’ve just been going with it and practicing while I can. It’s kind of nice being able to use my college education for once, and getting paid for it.

I’m unsure if I should post my illustrations on this blog or not. But yeah that’s just what I’ve been doing.

If you want to see illustrations you should check out my instagram- @   Kuturatu


I post them there and also starting October 1 I am participating in Mab Graves’ Drawlloween and everyday I will be posting a spooky themed illustration soooo yeah go check it out



I found these pictures from.. hm maybe 2010-12? They were taken with film. Finding these made me smile so much. Leile is a very special friend. I don’t talk about this a lot at this point because why would I but when I was a teenager I had a very toxic long term relationship, during the course of that relationships a lot of things happened on both sides which I feel like ultimately I have learned and grown from so I wouldn’t take any of it back. However during this time he essentially pitted me and this other woman against each other.  He knew exactly what to say to make both of us see each other as nasty gross humans. And we truly hated each other for years. literal years. I don’t remember when it changed, probably after I got the fuck out the only way I knew how. But one day her and I actually just sat down and talked to each other. Genuinely like, hey why do I hate you? Why do we hate each other? We realized there was no actual reason for the hate and ACTUALLY we realized that we BOTH had been told lies very specifically so we WOULD hate each other. Literally nothing he told me about her was real or correct and vise versa. We ended up having a lot in common, and even though she lived two hours away anytime she came to town we would go get coffee or lunch and during that time I realized what an amazing woman she is (and heh she actually recently told me she had the same exact experience herself) we became friends and we’re not best friends, we don’t talk constantly but she’s definitely someone who I am so happy to have in my life and who I know I can message about anything and we will be able to talk about it.

So moral of the story don’t let jokes of men pit you against another woman because you’ll probably never know what kind of a friendship you’re missing out on.


Cleaning House? .. or is it blog?



I have had this blog for three years, I just passed the 3rd anniversary as I stated in another post.

Lately (as in the past two months) I have been gathering my thoughts on starting a new business and where I want that to take me. I’m figuring it out still, getting my ducks in a row I guess would be appropriate to say. I’m not going to announce any big plans. Or even discuss what I am thinking about starting frankly. But it has got me thinking about this blog.  Where I want it to go. What I want it to do.

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