I’m not quite sure what this blog is right now, or what I want it to be. I do want to use it to write more I know that, and for the past several months I’ve been collecting my thoughts- you know organizing myself, trying to grow in the largest capacity that I can, I think I’m succeeding, I think I’m actually in a space where I want to share my words, my thoughts. Not just scribbling them into notepads, or typing them furiously into long winded documents to be forgotten about until the moment of inspiration strikes me again later down the road. Along with writing I’ve been drawing and trying to get commissions and design jobs where I can sometimes business is booming and sometimes I have to fall back on my old jobs for support, kind of like all new creative endeavors it seems, I’m oddly okay with being the queen of the side-hustle for now.

A while ago, I did some inner mentor work, if you’re unfamiliar I’ll give you the abridged version, this is where you are given a guided meditation to meet a “future you” -in very simplistic terms – who is essentially the kindest, warmest version of yourself who is there to guide you in where you need most. My inner mentor told me two things that I needed to be doing to get to where she was in her life (which looked pretty damn great) I needed to help people, and I needed to write.  Since getting touch with her I’ve made a lot of minor every day changes, the most prevalent however being that I make time to write everyday.  I also made a larger change by signing up for Life Coach training so that I can help other people in career finding and business building. It’s been constant work, but good work, and sometimes I will admit I kind of feel like a hamster on a wheel, I know it’s important, I know it feels good even. I just haven’t seen the why of what I’m doing I keep hoping if I continue to do it all I will find the answer. If I’ve learned anything these past few months it’s that consistency breeds legitimacy and that’s been my new mantra so I’m just going to keep running on my metaphorical hamster wheel I’ve made for myself.  Usually here is where I would make a joke about maybe dying of exhaustion and laughing it off in some self deprecating way but I’ve come to realize that’s not a healthy outlet and I’m actively trying to change my ways so instead here are some illustrations I’m genuinely really proud of and I’ll write another blog soon or “when the inspiration strikes”.






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