Hazelwood is the name of my grandparents house in Ireland. Can I just say I love how some people in Ireland (maybe Europe in general?) name their houses.

I wanted to make this it’s own special post because my grandparents are very special people who I admire and also this house has so many memories for me I wanted to write a little to show off where I’m from.


This swingset is easily the first thing I think about when I think of my grandparents house. As a child I would spend so much time on it and always wanted to go on it as soon as I got to their house. It was there when they bought the house in 1962 (what) so it’s pretty old at this point anddddd the last time I was there I didn’t sit on it. Now it’s more a relic of our family than an object you use. I love how my mother grew up swinging on it too. And there’s a funny story. Even though in this picture they aren’t on the swing set. Typically there are three red metal buoys in different sizes that are tied to it hanging off the side. They aren’t from the original set, when my mother was young she was walking near a shore and found them, and she dragged them (they were pretty heavy so color me impressed by little mom) all the way home,  painted them and hung them up.  They have stayed ever since. My grandfather even takes them down once a year to repaint them.


Another thing about my grandparents house is they have a great backyard and garden. They’re a lot older now obviously so it’s not something they spend hours of physical labor on. But they get a great harvest year after year still. The garden is really my grandfathers thing and to be honest I don’t call him grampa or grandad he’s my dad-dad *even though he’s my mom’s dad xD* so I’m going to call him that from here on out. It just feels better.


My dad-dad has a greenhouse that he enjoys spending time in. It’s filled with grapes, which he’s grown since I was a baby.


Did I mention this house is old. The house was built in the 40’s and pretty much has never been updated. Some current appliances sure but everything else is original. My mom says the wallpaper on the walls is still the same as when she was a child and I didn’t photograph it but they have a small dining room where the wallpaper screams “From the 60’s” it give their house it’s own charm even if when you’re staying there it isn’t always the most comfortable.


The window my grandparents sit by and look out of to watch the neighborhood.


These trains are from some of my earliest memories. Playing with them on the floor with my dad-dad. He was a very successful Train Engineer and he’s ……. mildly obsessed with trains. He actually was on the team that brought Ireland’s locomotives from Coal to Diesel, and later in his career he helped bring those same Diesel trains to electric ones. He’s a cool ( and smart) dude.


My grandparents always had cats, we’re a cat family. Not that we hate dogs in fact the opposite, not trying to start a cat/dog war on my blog. It’s just a fact my family has always had cats. Either way my grandparents decided a while ago not to get another one with their age etc. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have Minna, an old stuffed animal cat that sits on their windowsill looking out to greet the neighbors.

I swear they are the cutest old people.  I’m so lucky to have them.



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