Arizona 2015



I’ve been cleaning up newer posts (from this year) and going through older images that were poorly edited and I finished my Arizona trip tonight. Anddd seeing as I’m having a hard time sleeping lately I thought I would turn it into a blog post before I force myself to go lay down.

I went to Arizona in June of 2015. It was my first time ever going there. I went to see family. I’ve mentioned before this trip made me fall in love with cacti. It also showed me I love Arizona ha.

I was there for a week but it was a very memorable week and I have thought about going back ever since.


One of the first things my family did was take me to Canyon Lake. It was… beyond beautiful. We took a boat out and toured the water and I was so amazed at the scenery in front of me. I felt so small but in a great way.


The whole reason for my trip was my family invited me to see the Grand Canyon. It was… extremely hard to photograph. It is so immense.



A good example of how… large it is: The river you see in the photo below is one mile wide. X_X


Sunset at the canyon was very memorable. The way the landscape changed colors as the setting sun hit it was magical.


I also saw my first moose 😀


We stopped at Montezuma Castle which I had never heard about but found extremely fascinating. People actually lived in this structure! on a cliff!!! between 1100 and 1425!!!!  X_X


The last place I took photos on my trip was Sedona. Of course I took a photo of bell rock because who goes to Sedona and doesn’t. We also went to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. I’m not religious personally, but if you know me you know I’m really fascinated by religion. Religious art, structures, etc. It was my kind of place and so peaceful inside.

I loved Sedona a lot it was a funky town with lots of talk of aliens and other mystical things. I ate fried cactus there that I will never forget and probably continuously crave until the day I die.  I walked by several shops that would photograph your aura and I seriously regret not doing it to this day. If not for any other reason than novelty. I do still have a “welcome home” alien sticker from Sedona though that I keep next to my work desk and makes me smile everytime I see it.



I really hope to go back one day.

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