Cleaning House? .. or is it blog?



I have had this blog for three years, I just passed the 3rd anniversary as I stated in another post.

Lately (as in the past two months) I have been gathering my thoughts on starting a new business and where I want that to take me. I’m figuring it out still, getting my ducks in a row I guess would be appropriate to say. I’m not going to announce any big plans. Or even discuss what I am thinking about starting frankly. But it has got me thinking about this blog.  Where I want it to go. What I want it to do.

and what’s on it.

When I started this blog 3 years ago it was because I was going to Ireland for the first time in 8 years. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to take my camera and document everywhere I went and update regularly somewhere I even really wanted to write out posts during this time.

I went my first time in 2014, made posts when I could with little-to-no internet most of my trip. But ultimately  I was too shy to write blogs at that point. I was struggling a lot with self identity during this time so it makes a lot of sense to me that I was unable to write anything. I basically ended up just using this blog as a “dumping grounds” for all the images I liked even the slightest bit, I didn’t narrow down my requirements very much. Even upon returning home that’s all the site was and remained to be. Just a place for me to share images with whoever I had photographed that month or whatever images I might want to save somewhere else other than my computer. It was convenient when I needed it to be.

As a result of my … lets say wreckless posting… I’ve had to update my storage plan twice now. eek. (but if i’m being honest i’m SO happy I have the plan I do now. like seriously wouldn’t take it back at all) and my storage is still way too full for my liking.

So I kind of came to this decision.

I want to go through all my posts: the newer ones I’ll edit down and turn into a more refined vision than what I have posted now.  The old posts well, I’ll take them down, clean off  everything in terms of my storage.

But I still have all these images saved. And I’ll be honest I do still look back on them whenever I want to look at Ireland or Arizona or even pull inspiration from past shoots to see where I could get better in the future. (it’s probably more often than you would think I feel like you can learn a lot from your past mistakes or successes) I feel all the images I’ve uploaded are a large piece of who I am as a photographer and artist and it actually hurts me to think of permanently deleting them off the blog.  Three years of growth and history is a lot!

So here’s what I am thinking. Once I clean everything up- I will regroup,  go through all the images I once had posted, sort them down into a smaller compilation. Then I’ll re-edit them in my modern editing style. (not really that different mainly just better xD)

I ‘ll repost them more appropriately, here’s the thing when I do I will actually give all of my vacations and whatever else I see fit- the blog posts they originally deserved but that I was too rushed or maybe even too embarrassed or shy to write.  and maybe some posts won’t get any writing. I do know some definitely deserve to have stories told. I know obviously these posts will be written in a retrospective voice it’ll work though.

So that’s where I am right now.

I’m still shooting every day and working on my current hustle but I also want to make this a little project I work on for the next week or two. Depending on how many blog posts I need to remake.

It’ll be good for my memory and also idk just my soul I think so stay tuned?

I never know how to end blogs  but not sorry  I promise I’m equally as awkward in person as in this space. It’s a skill honestly.




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