Naples Botanical Garden



I went back to Naples Botanical Garden with my Mom who didn’t mind if I stood among the Cacti in the dead Florida summer heat for twenty minutes trying to get the same shot over and over and over again. That’s why Mom’s can be great sometimes, truthfully I think she had found a shady spot looking out at a lake and enjoyed it more than walking around in the sun so she didn’t mind.

You can check out my other post Here to see more cacti, because I’m sure this won’t be my last post about them.  A little over three years ago now I went to Arizona on vacation to visit family. At the time I was suffering from terrible anxiety at home with really no known outlet for it. When I got to Arizona I found an intense interest and love in the Saguaro Cactus that grew around my Aunt and Uncles house. I was infatuated so much that when I came home and very upset that I couldn’t have my own Saguaro garden in my backyard I started the next best thing and invested in whatever cacti I could find at the time at my local garden center. At the time Cacti weren’t really in style or popular so I remember getting this sickly sad little thing which my mom still has and loves today and a coral cactus which I still have today (which is HUGE along with about 35 other plants eep) it started an obsession that helped me in a time of need and has continued to help me and I’ll always love cacti because of it. I still admit to having a black thumb and killing the off one here or there but really in the three years I’ve been growing them I’ve done a good job and I’m in love with my garden now. So going to see the Naples Botanical Garden and being surrounded by their giant cacti was a real treat. One I wish I could experience more often.








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