Henry and Stuart


My mom recently adopted these two boys from Helping Paws Animal Sanctuary.

Henry is three and is the larger big headed tabby

Stewie is one and is the grey lanky boy

She brought Henry home about two weeks ago now and he’s such a sweetheart, loves to cuddle and has a LOT to say. He’s clearly very thankful to have a loving home and I think it’s sweet. Stewie (whose name could change still) came home a few days ago and he’s settling nicely as well. Henry seems to really like his new brother and loves to show off how to play with all the toys for him. It’s hard to believe Stewie was a little tom cat for a while because he’s so friendly and personable. I was sitting on the floor for ten minutes taking pictures before he put his head in my lap and took a nap.

These guys are going to fit in just fine.



That pure look of “wtf” when they first hear a shutter go off^^^^



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