Lakes Park



I have quite a few photographs from this day so I’ll split up the posts. I’m sure it’s like why even upload all those images. Who cares. Just upload the best ones. But I’m partially using this as a diary for progress in my work and I love looking back on shots I’ve taken even just a month ago and seeing the difference in quality as I’ve learned more through shooting more.

So sorry but not sorry.

This day at lakes park was really nice because it was around five pm and it had been raining all afternoon but the sun was out when I went for my walk. There were only a few people working out or riding bikes when I was there. I worked a farmers market for years at lakes park and during all the time I worked the farmers market I never actually went to the park or enjoyed it before or after or even on my off days because I only associated the place with work and negative emotions honestly and I’m really sad that happened because as soon as I quit my job and went there just on the off chance one morning when I was feeling a little manic and as if I needed to release some energy it really brought me happiness walking the trail.


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