Naples Botanical Gardens





I’ve been feeling strangely at peace with life lately. I’m wound pretty tight, I can admit this, I have “severe” anxiety and am always thinking ten steps ahead, planning worst-case-scenarios, and on edge. I’ve been like this my whole life and it’s actually not a bad thing, I’ve figured out how to channel those energies into positive outlets (such as photography, work, other art forms like painting or my first love making collages) but lately I’ve been feeling like things are clicking and I’m more relaxed and it’s such a nice feeling. I’m not reaching to outlets to pour my anxieties into but instead focusing on different aspects of what I want in life I guess is the best way to put it.

I think part of it is because I’ve surrounded myself with people who are insanely supportive and genuinely good. It’s been such a good change. Getting toxic people out of my life and letting go of negative emotions I have no control over have been a big focus on my mind this year along with finding a personal place of peace with self/life and career. I’m glad that back in January I realized I wasn’t happy with how things were in my life and I wanted to make changes and went down the path I did. I’m also thankful I have a partner like mine who is the one behind me pushing me towards my goals.

Either way right now things are good. I’m thankful.

(I’m trying to figure out a good posting method more/less photos, more/less personal life+thoughts. I’ve had this blog for years and barely put any thought into what I put up on it so I’m trying to be more aware and put more effort towards it starting this year. It’s in it’s awkward teen years right now it feels like. So for the few of you who actually check this thanks for putting up with it.)



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